[Tweeters] "winter" turkey vulture report

Diann MacRae tvulture at gmx.com
Tue Mar 5 19:40:09 PST 2013

Hi, Tweets
Finally, I have a winter turkey vulture report finished. It’s only partially “winter” – November and December 2012 and January 2013 – which is because February is generally the month that turkey vultures begin returning from their southern wintering grounds. I realize that some may winter over, but I’ll still use February as the official return month. Following are reports from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia:
28 – 1 circling south of Coquille, Oregon
02 – 1 soaring over the John’s River WA, 10 miles west of Aberdeen; 1 seen at Grass Creek, 5 miles northwest of Hoquiam
12 – 1 from Iona Island, Richmond, B.C.
29 – 1 on the Ocean Shores Christmas Count; 1 near Cape Blanco, Oregon
30 – 4 overhead/ 2 nearby (6), possibly overwintering in the Coquille Valley
01 – 1 at Coos/Curry, Oregon
02 – 1 at Sandy Point in Whatcom County
08 – 1 in flight over Merlin Road/Merlin I-5 exit in Oregon
11 – 1 soaring over Sandy Point Heights
13 – 1 flew over Garry Point in Steveston, B.C.
21 – 1 over the Astoria Mitigation Bank Wetlands; 6 on the Coos Bay Bald Eagle Count
26 – 1 at Deception Pass SP
27 – 1 between Eugene and Lorane, Oregon
31 – 1 soaring low over the wetland in north Corvallis
Thanks for the great reports. I’ve got the February counts almost done. Don’t forget to look up – turkey vultures are on their way back!
Please don’t forget my new email for reports: tvulture at gmx.com
Cheers, Diann
Olympic Vulture Study
Bothell, Washington

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