[Tweeters] Redpoll Fun

Scott Carpenter slcarpenter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 22:01:31 PST 2013

Since the redpoll conondrum has been raised, I'll share several photos of
an interesting redpoll I photographed in the Okanogan highlands of
Washington on February 18, 2013:

Based on Sibley's index approach (
I'd give this bird a score of:

Undertail = 5
Flanks = 3 (or 4?)
Rump = 5

Total = 13 (or 14?)

Per my reading of Sibley's index, the bird in these photos is at least an
intermediate, and potentially a Hoary. Ten years ago, when I lived in
Chicago and saw redpolls much more often (in Illinois, Wisconsin, and
Minnesota), I would have likely dismissed this as a Common; today, I'm not
quite sure how to classify it.

Scott Carpenter
Portland, Oregon
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