[Tweeters] Backyard Paradise

Kristen Michelle thekristenkat at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 4 11:55:33 PST 2013

Hi Tweeters!
I had an amazing experience in my backyard in the Blue Ridge neighborhood this morning. I live on the bluff overlooking the Puget Sound so I am blessed with many bird sightings. This morning, within a total of 10 minutes I saw:
2 Bald Eagles fly right by me ( I see them every morning!)2 Anna's Hummingbird's (One did an amazing aerial show 5 times in a row...it helicoptered straight up about 50 feet, then dove straight down at about 60mph, then scooped up and hovered in the air...awesome)4 Stellar Jays - all together in a tree1 Robin in the grass1 Flicker (I think that is what it was) in the tree1 Black Capped Chickadee1 Female House Finch Lot's of Crows (which I affectionately call Crowdles)Lot's of Seagulls (which I affectionately call Hermans)On my walk around the neighborhood 10 minutes later, I was blessed by choirs of various birds. Of note, I saw:5 more Anna's hummingbirds (that's 7 total this morning!!! Anna's are my favorite)6 House Finch in one tree - 3 male and 3 femaleWhat a glorious day in the sunshine with my choir of birds! God is so good!
Wishing you a blessed day filled with bird choirs and sunshine!
Kristen MichelleBlue Ridge Neighborhood in Seattle, WA

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