[Tweeters] Re: Dead Owls at Samish - Snowy Eating a Short Eared

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Mar 3 23:27:30 PST 2013

Comment re: Bud's statement of a Snowy being
possible predator of the dead owls found at the
West 90. MANY years ago during my first Snowy Owl
irruption year (1976 I believe) what is now
Magnuson Park was then Sand Point Naval Air
Station. It was not easy to gain access, but I
visited three times that winter. There were a
number of both Short Eared and Snowy Owls there.
(There was also a Snowy and a couple of Short
Eared at the Montlake fill that year). On one
visit I saw a Snowy kill a Short Eared Owl from a
distance. It was across a runway and no way to
get there at that time. On a second trip two days
later, I found a complete Short Eared Owl wing -
nothing else. Wish I had a digital camera and a
big lens back then.

Blair Bernson

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