[Tweeters] Dead owls at West 90 on Samish

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 17:34:54 PST 2013

Hi All,

I've been leading several field trips over the last month for my hawk
classes and, of course, we always visit the West 90.
Several weeks ago, Libby Mills pointed out a dead Short-eared Owl along the
walkway leading south from the parking lot.
On a later trip, one of my students spotted a dead Barred Owl just outside
the entry point. It was mostly intact.
Today, another student found the remains, mostly eaten, of a Long-eared Owl
across the street to the NE. We found an entire wing and multiple feathers
spread around the grass and across the ditch from the road. No idea if it
was the bird that has been reported from there this winter.
There was also a Snowy Owl (alive) seen there this past weekend on the Bill
Clark field trip.
Wondering if they are related as I am well aware that Snowys eat
Short-eared Owls when they can.
On the other hand, who knows? I suppose that it could just be chance.
Thought I'd report it.

Bud Anderson
Falcon Research Group
Box 248
Bow, WA 98232
(360) 757-1911
falconresearch at gmail.com
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