[Tweeters] Possibly Canyon Towhee

Michael Fleming michaelfleming01 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 15:36:43 PDT 2013

Hello Hope:

How about maybe a Lark Sparrow? Just a guess based on your remarks
about the distinctive black spot....


Michael Fleming
Ballard, Washington
michaelfleming01 AT gmail.com

On 6/29/13, Hope Anderson <hopea1994 at aol.com> wrote:

> I've delayed posting this because I'm newer to birding but I am sure I saw a

> Canyon Towhee at the U Bar U Ranch pullout on the road from Omak to

> Conconully at the Scotch Creek Wildlife Area last Sunday during the birding

> conference on a side trip I did. It was with a Lazuli Bunting and I at first

> assumed it was a female but after looking up photos of the female it was

> clearly a different bird. It had a distinctive black spot in the center of

> its breast that it kept preening but it was not a Song Sparrow. Any other

> ideas? Or if there is anyone around there it might be worth checking out the

> area. Thanks for any input! I know the state is wrong but the habitat is

> correct.

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