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Jon et al.,

I would like to emphasize the importance of someone getting a sound
recording of the presumed Alder Flycatcher. People's descriptions of songs
vary greatly, and many people seem to have trouble distinguishing songs of
Alder and Willow Flycatchers, although they are really quite different. We
have had numerous reports of Alder Flycatchers over the years around
Vancouver, BC, nearly all of which were not recorded and cannot now be

I found what was probably the first singing Alder Flycatcher for Washington
west of Oroville in June 1991, and although I had a cassette recorder with
me, I did not have a blank cassette. When I returned with one the next day,
the bird was gone. Without conclusive documentation, I did not bother to
submit this record to the WA Bird Records Committee, although I was certain
of the identification and counted it on my state list. (I also did see and
record the Alder Flycatcher near Marblemount years later, which was
documented by many.)

Good birding,

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
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While scouting for my WOS field trip on June 3 I had a likely ALDER
FLYCATCHER singing at Beaver Lake in Okanogan Co. Yesterday the WOS field
trip led by the Denny's relocated the bird 3/10 South of the original
location. Directions: from the intersection of Chesaw Rd. (called
Chesaw-Torada Creek on sime maps) and the cutoff road to Bonaparte Lake, go
South about 3/10 mile to the small alder marsh at South end of lake (Soras
present there). If not there, the original location is the small alder
marsh at the road intersection-north end if lake.

If someone relocates the bird PLEASE attempt record the song, which is
definitive. Anatomically the bird looks like a Willow FC and there is a
pair of Willows in that area (apparently at the original location, north end
of lake).

There are also tons of other great birds in this area including nesting
Loons, Common Goldeneyes with chicks, Black Terns, Goshawk, Gray Jay, and
probably other great surprises too.

Good birding, JI

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