[Tweeters] Utah Bird list (5/18-5/29/13)

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Sun Jun 23 11:15:41 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters -

Just wanted to post - after long last - my bird/wildlife list from our trip to Utah in May - my best estimate. It was a fabulous trip, covering 1800 miles. A beautiful state. Amazing geology! Many thanks to Diane Yorgason-Quinn and others from Tweeters who shared so much information and helped make our trip to Utah most memorable.

I'm afraid this list may be lacking a few birds we missed or were unable to identify. So much to take in at a time.

Antelope Island (and Layton Marsh Wetlands Preserve) - AI - Amazing, beautiful place - so peaceful. Luckily the brine flies were not out in force. I would love to spend a week here!
American Avocets
Phalaropes - Wilson's
Cliff Swallows (on the beach)
California Seagulls
Eared Grebes (first time seeing them - a Lifebird?)
Meadowlarks (so wonderful to sit up high above the Great Salt Lake and just listen to the birds - especially the Meadowlarks)
two Great Horned owlets

100's (2-400) of Bison - on the way down the island to the ranch they were resting on the side of the road, and then on the way back, they were crossing the road and surrounded us. The cars were stopped, taking it all in. Many baby bison too crossing w/ parents (to get to the other side!) for a little salt. Magnificent!!!

Coyote/Pronghorn Antelope/Mule Deer/Big Horn Sheep (2 in Zion)

Bear River Migratory Refuge: (unfortunately, we went on Sunday - Visitor Center - CLOSED - (and the gift shop! :)
Black Necked Stilts
White Faced Ibis (Lifebird)
CA Gulls (the State bird)
Dowitchers (Long Billed & Short?)
Ruddy Ducks
Cinnamon Teals
Snowy Egrets
White Pelicans
Western Grebes
Pie Billed Grebe

Southern Utah:
Bullocks Orioles
Black-throated Sparrow (?) - Sparrows sp.
Crossbill (male)
Red-Winged Blackbird
Brown Headed Cowbird (could have just gone to D. Paulson's garden :)
Yellow Headed Blackbird
Brewer's Blackbird
Grt. Tailed Grackle
Red-Tail Hawks
Turkey Vultures
Canyon Wren
Sedge/Marsh Wren (also saw yesterday at the Fill)
Chat (?)
Longspur (?)
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher (other blues unidentified)
Cedar Waxwings
Clarks Nutcracker (?)
Peregrine falcon (?)
Many swallows/swifts (?)
One Chukar
A few hummers

One Collared Lizard - think he was a "plant" since he willingly posed for a photos. Luckily no rattlers/big spiders/scorpions.
Many other UFB's (?)
I was so hoping to see the "common" Juniper Titmouse, but was nowhere to be seen.

Glad to be back in WA with the birds in my own garden. The Band-Tailed Pigeons are here today as well as a Downy Woodpecker and the Towhees and the other usual suspects. Saw a Merlin fly over yesterday and have been hearing them.

Caryn / Wedgwood

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