[Tweeters] Anchor Hits Front Page

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Jun 23 08:09:49 PDT 2013

For tweeters who have enjoyed my posts from the Anchor Pub over the last few years, you can see a picture of the place on the front page of today's (6/23) Everett Herald (or online @ heraldnet.com).

I think it's an amusing example of the media paralleling Anchor reality. The cover photo shows a coal train going behind the Anchor- yes the building on the left is the Anchor, showing it's backside to the world.

Hey, wasn't it just yesterday that I reported about research done on coal trains from the Anchor Couch Institute of Seismology? I guess the Herald don't read tweeters because neither Max or I were consulted on the coal train story. But that's OK- at least they got that photo which shows I wasn't lying about how close the train is. The Couch Institute is (or was) located just behind the wall just off the left edge of the picture.

Jeff Gibson

just sayin' ,in

Everett Wa

P.S. to Dianna: the Institute couch bears a remarkable resemblance to the one on that old Crosby Stills and Nash album cover.

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