[Tweeters] Red-eyed Vireo, Black Swifts -- LHG-Bellevue

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Sat Jun 22 09:38:17 PDT 2013

notes from the field this morning [Lake Hills Greenbelt (LHG), Bellevue]

22Jun – Did a quick ‘full monte’ this morning rather than chancing
tomorrow’s uncertain weather forecast and possible rain & maybe dampish week
ahead, today including the boardwalk section west of 148th (lots of Warbling
Vireo action over there and best all month so far) plus the walk NE of
Larsen Lake all the way to the Walmart entrance (dead up there), but did not do
the boardwalk up 156th from SE 16th since that area has been so
unproductive at all this month. Even with the extra coverage and distance, none of it
added anything that was not found elsewhere along the basic routine loop.
There were some good highlights including 2 Black Swifts at 0600hrs high
over Phantom Lake, 1 Vaux's Swift swooped in along the north side of Larsen
Lake, both new for the month, and toward the end of this morning’s walk, I
nearly overlooked the Red-eyed Vireo that was persistently singing in the
woods on the west side of 156th Ave SE between but nearer to the last
houses bordering the wood’s south side and SE 16th St. A new bird or did last
week’s Red-eyed Vireo move south? Either way, nice to finally get a second
record in the LHG for the month especially after having been disappointed
all week that the one I found last Sunday northwest of the LH Blvd crosswalk
was not seen or heard from again. This was the first morning this month
that I did NOT hear the 'weep-weeping' young Red-tailed Hawks at either nest
site (156th SE west of PL, and 148th SE west of LL) although that species
was seen in both areas as usual. 2.3hrs, 37 species.

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA

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