[Tweeters] Variation in yard birds over time

Rob Sandelin nwnature1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 20:29:59 PDT 2013

I have lived 22 years at the edge of a wonderful mixed forest surrounded by
lots of wildlife friendly yards. My first year bird list counted 73 species.
Last year counted 44. It took 9 years for the first crow to show up, and
they are still not common here. We have had Coopers hawks nest here for 14
of 22 summers, but none in the last 5 years. Red-eyed vireos were once
regulars in the summer chorus, and they have been missing since 2006.
Red-breasted nuthatches have declined, haven't heard or seen one yet this
year. Tree swallows and Violet green swallows also are missing since 2009.
Swainson's thrushes are now the dominant singers, they were uncommon until
2000. Wilsons warblers have not returned since 2008, and yellow rumps are
also scarce except during a couple weeks in April. Western Tanagers
continue about the same. Barred owls showed up in 1995 and have been here
ever since. Pacific slope and Olive sided flycatchers have not been here for
the past 2 years. Song sparrows, Black-capped, chestnut backed chickadees,
Spotted towhees, Dark eyed juncos, Pileated woodpeckers, Downy, hairy and
flickers all have remained constant. I miss the warblers although we do get
Townsends in the winter. Oh yeah, California quail used to nest hear in the
early 90's but they too have moved away.

Rob Sandelin

Naturalist, Writer, teacher

Residing at Sharingwood Cohousing community

Snohomish County

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