[Tweeters] A beehive of swifts

Diann MacRae tvulture at gmx.com
Thu Jun 20 15:33:57 PDT 2013

Hi, Tweets

I just checked (3:30pm) on the Wagner chimney in Monroe and it's like a veritable beehive in there. Swifts going in, coming out, changing places, you name it. Quite a lot of activitiy and fun to watch when they are up close to the camera (top of the chimney). Just thought some might like to look on this rainy day.

http://www.wildearth.tv/player/vaux-happening-swift-roost-webcam/nochat http://www.wildearth.tv/player/vaux-happening-swift-roost-webcam/nochat&lang=en

Cheers, Diann

Diann MacRae
Olympic Vulture Study
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