[Tweeters] Caution about message from mechejmch!

Marc Hoffman tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com
Thu Jun 20 15:14:33 PDT 2013

[Apologies for the re-post, but my first efforts were bounced by
Tweeters for various reasons. -Marc]

Hello Joe (& others: please read this),

I suspect your email has been hacked. I've received several of these
messages, presumably from your account. It could be someone spoofing
your account, or it could be a bona fide hacking of your account.

Suggest you immediately change your password on your AOL account.

Also, if you keep email on your hard drive, do a virus/trojan/worm
scan of your entire system.

Don't click on the link in the (presumed) bogus message. Possibly do
a Google search on that URL just to see if it's part of a scam.

>> The original message points to a URL at
http://www.unklebeach etc., but don't go there, in case it's infected.

Best wishes,

Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA

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