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Thu Jun 20 13:23:23 PDT 2013

I am the bander of the Seattle Peregrines. All three youngsters have now fledged and 1201 has turned their camera to face the skyline. At this point the fledglings will be difficult to find and follow. In the 1990s I spent hundreds of hours chasing the fledglings around downtown and often couldn't find them, even with pre-9/11 insider access to skyscraper rooftops.

Their biggest hazard in the first few weeks is collisions with reflective glass windows. On average we can expect at least one of the three to turn up dead from a window hit.....or if they are lucky, just turn up at street level stunned from a window hit. If they survive their lesson with windows, life in the city is good.

All three youngsters have ID bands (the parents do not). If you find a dead fledgling note the band number and take it to the Burke Museum or get it to Wright Runstad Security at 1201. They will contact me and I will take it to the Burke.

For an injured bird, your best bet is Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington 360-435-4817. They can arrange to pick up an injured bird.
The Wright Runstad Security staff are very good at picking up injured birds and getting them connected with me or directly to a rehab facility.

Ed Deal
Seattle, WA

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