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My office is at the top of the Rainier Tower, about a block away from 1201 Third. A group of us have been watching the birds for the past couple of months, so this week was met with lots of excitement. I had Monday marked on my calendar as 42 days from hatching, so brought in my scope and set it up in a conference room for a bit of workday birding. My colleagues and I got to watch the whole family hop around from ledge to ledge, with frequent flights by the adults and some of the juveniles. There was one juvenile that seemed to be a bit behind, developmentally--he/she would hop/fly up to a ledge, then hop/fall clumsily back down to the lower ledge. We saw that repeated quite a few times. I assume that was the bird that was still on the ledge (south of the ledge where the nest box is, but on the same side of the building) yesterday morning. I haven't seen any falcons at all since mid-day yesterday. I hope that means that all three chicks fledged successfully and are now out learning how to keep our street pigeon population in check.


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Does anyone know the status of the 1201 Third Ave peregrines? Dianna MooreOcean Shores

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