[Tweeters] Ruffed Grouse on the attack

Mark Oberle oberle at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 18 20:37:51 PDT 2013

I did my second BBS route (White Chuck) last week in the
Cascades. At stop 19 (48 deg. 04.864'N, 121 deg 23.612' W) I got
out of the car at a gravel road cut where USFS had mined gravel for
the road bed. It was maybe 30 feet to the nearest vegetation. I had
the car door open and heard a faint, low pitched noise "whaaaoo" that
almost sounded like my creaky car door. Then I felt a tapping on my
boot. It was a Ruffed Grouse.

It made that noise and periodic tapping during the 3 minute BBS stop.
Then I walked away from the car and it followed me for 15 feet. I got
back in the car after snapping the photo. Then I drove off. The bird
followed me down the USFS road for maybe 150 feet, clearly feeling
proud of itself for having driven the giant out of its territory.

Mark Oberle
Seattle, WA
oberle at mindspring.com

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