[Tweeters] More on BTGO and Sequim in General

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Jun 16 21:39:06 PDT 2013

I had a chance to review photos and notes from
visit to 3 Crabs/Sequim which I posted about
earlier. Firs - thanks to Dow Lambert who was at
the site when we arrived and had the Bar Tailed
Godwit earlier and helped find it on furthest sand
spit. He had seen it closer earlier and it moved
when all the birds were flushed by Bald Eagle.
Sure enough it happened again in reverse and
returned to the nearest spit where in great light
we had great views. Still too far for good photos
but ID quality ok. I am good with the two Red
Knots reported as confirmed but I have withdrawn
ID of Semipalmated Sandpiper. 50/50 at best after
looking at photos (poor). Plain/drab peep without
any red and relatively short straight bill but
could have been something else.

A highlight in the area were the numerous Purple
Martins flying and perching nearby. Dow helps
maintain the nests about 60 yards offshore and the
efforts are certainly productive. Numerous Brant,
Bald Eagles, Black Bellied Plovers, Great Blue
Herons and Caspian Terns were also nearby.

Later Samantha and I visited the nearby Lavender
and Peony farms and in addition to those
spectacular places in and of themselves, we had
numerous hummingbirds, swallows, some swifts, many
goldfinches, and a fly over from an immature bald
eagle that literally came within 20 feet of us.
It truly is a huge bird with enormous wings.
Actually pretty scary as it approached.

Very fun day.

Blair Bernson

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