[Tweeters] McLane Crk-Olympia: Pileated, Wilson's Warbler

ray holden rayleeholden at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 14 23:25:03 PDT 2013

There is a wilson's warbler singing in the parking area.  He is defending territory in the center of the traffic circle on the outbound side in the undergrowth.  Not showing himself often but singing very loudly and if you wait him out you will get a very close view.  It's amazing how much noise a 3" bird can make.  Pretty bird.  If you are looking for Woody Woodpecker (pileated) there are two and this is their second year.  Maybe they winter over I don't know.  They are also elusive because McLane Creek is very densely wooded and if what ever you are hearing isn't right on a trail you will probably not see it. This morning Woody was drumming on your left facing the pond from the bridge where the observation piers are.  After all the hunting I've done, this morning (Friday)  he actually came out and tapped on the standing snag in the pond where the redwing males often perch.  Again not easy to see but there are two and if you hear a woodpecker
banging away it's probably one of them. Just follow the noise and hope.  There were also lots of common yellow throats singing in the rushes. They mostly stay hidden but once in awhile one will pop up.  Unfortunately all the ducks have disappeared.  There once were two male and two female wood ducks.  One of the females produced 10 chicks then they all just disappeared (adults and kids) along with a pair of mallards.  
Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

Life is for the birds.

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