[Tweeters] Little Pend Oreille BBS this morning and LPO refuge in June

Mike strix.nebulosa1987 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 15:06:49 PDT 2013

I did the Little Pend Oreille NWR BBS route today. I had 75 species on the
count. We have had 33 additional species thus far in June. That is a total
of 108 species on the refuge so far this month. Species recorded on the BBS
are marked with *

Mike Munts


Canada Goose*

Wood Duck



Ring-necked Duck

Common Goldeneye

Hooded Merganser

Common Merganser

Ruddy Duck*

California Quail*

Ruffed Grouse

Wild Turkey

Ring-necked Pheasant

Great Blue Heron

Turkey Vulture


Bald Eagle

Cooper's Hawk

Northern Goshawk

Red-tailed Hawk*

American Kestrel*

Virginia Rail

American Coot*


Spotted Sandpiper

Wilson's Snipe*

Mourning Dove*

Flammulated Owl

Western Screech-owl

Great Horned Owl

Calliope Hummingbird*

Black-chinned Hummingbird*

Rufous Hummingbird

Belted Kingfisher

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker*

White-headed Woodpecker*

Black-backed Woodpecker

Northern Flicker*

Pileated Woodpecker*

Western Wood-pewee*

Willow Flycatcher*

Hammond's Flycatcher*

Dusky Flycatcher*

Pacific-slope Flycatcher*

Least Flycatcher*

Say's Phoebe*

Western Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird

Warbling Vireo*

Cassin's Vireo*

Red-eyed Vireo*

Steller's Jay

Black-billed Magpie*

Common Raven*

Tree Swallow*

Violet-green Swallow*

Northern Rough-winged Swallow*

Cliff Swallow*

Barn Swallow*

Mountain Chickadee*

Black-capped Chickadee*

Chestnut-backed Chickadee*

Red-breasted Nuthatch*

White-breasted Nuthatch*

Pygmy Nuthatch*

Brown Creeper*

House Wren*

Pacific Wren

Golden-crowned Kinglet*

Western Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird*

Townsend's Solitaire


Swainson's Thrush*

Hermit Thrush*

American Robin*

Varied Thrush*

Gray Catbird*

European Starling*

Cedar Waxwing*

Northern Waterthrush*

Orange-crowned Warbler*

Nashville Warbler

MacGillivray's Warbler*

Common Yellowthroat

American Redstart*

Yellow Warbler*

Yellow-rumped Warbler*

Townsend's Warbler*

Wilson's Warbler*

Chipping Sparrow*

Vesper Sparrow*

Savannah Sparrow*

Song Sparrow*

Dark-eyed Junco*

Western Tanager*

Black-headed Grosbeak*

Red-winged Blackbird*

Western Meadowlark*

Yellow-headed Blackbird*

Brewer's Blackbird*

Brown-headed Cowbird*

Bullock's Oriole*

House Finch*

Red Crossbill*

Pine Siskin*

Evening Grosbeak

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