[Tweeters] EAKI, Stevens Pass, FR5400: CAFI, NOGO, WITU

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Wed Jun 12 18:52:43 PDT 2013

Hi Birders:

Now that I'm working, I have to cram birding into a much shorter time, so
I'm a bit late with this report.

Yesterday, 6/11, I ran over to Marymoor to twitch the Eastern Kingbird, then
headed off to Stevens Pass. I'm not sure of the protocol at closed ski
resorts, but there were no signs, and no one flagged me down, so I just
drove out some of the service roads. I had several Yellow-rumped Warblers,
Juncos, Robins, and out by the area where they store the sno-cats and
grooming equipment, I saw two male Cassin's Finch. Down on the Chelan side
of the hill, there was a Common Raven dining on a road-killed Red-tailed

At Scenic, I backtracked on Old Cascade Highway to where it dead-ends 1.2
miles from WA 20. There was a Hooded Merganser female on the little pond,
Yellow Warbler, Willow and Hammonds flycatchers, and at the bridge, I was
surprised by a Northern Goshawk flying over. Blue-gray back, with a dark
cap, and white eye line. The belly was white with dark speckling. Banded
tail with noticeable white tufts.

Today, 6/12 I drove out FR5400 over Stampede pass. About 1.5 miles into
King County, I rousted a Sooty Grouse from the road. This was at a point,
where I pulled over, and the view to the right was over the valley where I
could see the big hairpin turn the BNSF takes before getting to the Stampede
Tunnel. About another mile or so down the road, where it enters the forest,
I saw two young male WILD TURKEYs walking along the road. I don't know the
status of these birds in King County, but these guys acted just alert and
wary enough to be wild, and I was about 8 miles from the nearest
civilization. Are these countable (as countable as any introduced species?)
Further along, across from Sunday Creek, I had a singing Olive-Sided

A couple of nice days in the mountains.

Pete Fahey

Snoqualmie, WA

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