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Today 28 of us, more or less, enjoyed a pleasant day at Nisqually. We had mostly sunshine with some wind but no rain. The only bad part was the tide,, a -0.7 at 2:41. Lots of mud off the new boardwalk.

Highlights included a PILIATED WOODPECKER flying over the parking lot as we arrived, a VIRGINIA RAIL and a nice mix of waterfowl.

Out on the pond inside the new dike we saw a couple pair of CINNAMOM TEAL, BLUE-WINGED TEAL, GADWALL, NORTHERN PINTAIL, NORTHERN SHOVELERS, and a male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD. A SPOTTED SANDPIPER was also in that area as was a PIED-BILLED GREBE.

We came across the VIRGINIA RAIL near the start of the new boardwalk as it gleaned food along the near shoreline before flying off into the cattails out in the marsh.

CEDAR WAXWINGS were everywhere as were COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and YELLOW WARBLERS. There were a pair of BULLOCK'S ORIOLES in the cottonwoods near the start of the boardwalk on the Nisqually side, near where they nested last year.

Finally, we got good looks at juvenile BALD EAGLES on the nest across McAllister Creek. An adult was perched at the top of the tree keeping an eye on them.

For the day I had 48 species and now have 122 for the year. Mammals seen were MUSKRAT, COLUMBIAN BLACK-TAILED DEER, EASTERN GRAY SQUIRREL, and COTTONTAILED RABBIT.

Until next week when Shep and Eric will lead....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com

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