[Tweeters] Black terns, Ridgefield NWR

Bonnie Comegys blcomegys at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 16:53:53 PDT 2013

the Kiwa trail was very birdy when arrived late morning, and saw two Black Terns flying about.  walked the trail counterclockwise, and saw the terns best as approached the long wooden walkway about midway around the loop, looking to the right, they were over a small lake in distance, looking towards a large nest far off that appeared to have Osprey.  also plenty of singing Yellow Warblers, Yellowthroat, heard a Yellow-headed Blackbird, BH Grosbeak, House Wrens, Marsh Wrens,etc,  and saw some Cinnamon Teal at same place described above, but close to trail, also Snipe winnowing.  and a fledgling Robin too, and of course some flycatchers (fitzbews).

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