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Qinglin Ma qinglineric at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 00:21:54 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets,

This is the follow up of Tiffany Linbo's report.

This was a Seattle Audubon trip led by Tiffany Linbo and Mark Wolff. A
total of 10 birders enjoyed the trip together. It was my first time to this
place and what a wonderful place.

It has a year round creek that attracts many creatures including birds.
When we got to the walking trail entrance a Yellow-breasted Chat was heard
immediately. Soon we found it in a tree with a male Lazuli Bunting and an
American Goldfinch. What a welcome by the colorful birds! Good weather,
many butterflies fluttering around us, fragrant air, bubbling stream,
delightful birders, melody of the songs in the air, and carpets of
wildflowers all made it a great trip. My personal highlights are:

Yellow-breated Chat
Lewis Woodpecker
Rock Wren
White-throated Swift
Prairie Falcon (2 nests with chicks)

A kettle of 10ish Common Nighthawk, 10 or so Western Kingbirds flycatching
and 2 Bullock's Orioles were a treat at nearby Big Pine compground. 3
Olive-sided Flycatchers were a surprise finding. There were Lots of Lazuli
Bunting and the Chat's various vocal made it all very interesting.

Photos from Mammals, butterflies, wildflowers, and birds that did not get
away are at



Qinglin Ma
Kirkland, WA
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