[Tweeters] Non-McCown Rewards at the Fill Yesterday

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Jun 9 09:54:00 PDT 2013

Like many others I looked for and did not find the
McCown's Longspur at the Fill yesterday.
Disappointing of course, but there were many
consolations: seeing many others and sharing
stories (of both successes and failures, current
and past) and two great new FOY birds. The first
was a beautiful Green Heron just where it was
supposed to be on the Turtle logs. Several of us
were in a hurry to get to the "Longspur spot" but
I doubled back on a whim and actually said
"Wouldn't it be great if there was a Green
Heron". Sure enough - there he was posed on the
log just in front of us. Moving to a better
vantage spot, we got great photos.

Then off to the excitement of the Longspur chase.
Got to visit with many other birders and we all
commiserated and hoped at the same time. While
doing some of spotted a swift flying high above
the swallows. It had some damage to outer
primaries of one wing and stood out for that
reason alone but the question then was "Black" or
"Vaux". Based on pretty good looks and then
checking all my field guides etc. upon return am
confident it was indeed a Black Swift. Large size,
long wings, and tail and entirely dark. Did not
see the tail in position to determine if it was
forked but significantly wider and longer than all
of the Vaux I have seen. Flight pattern at first
seemed more like Vaux with some rapid wingbeats
but afterwards only the slow shallow beats of the

So no go on the McCown's but a very nice day and a
reminder that even when the chase seems to fail,
other rewards are available.

Blair Bernson

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