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Thu Jun 6 22:21:26 PDT 2013


the four youngsters appear to be in good shape. mom brought in a whole
pigeon a little after five this afternoon and fed them. this seems a bit
odd. over the past several years my impression was by the time the young
were this big she was bringing in quartered stuff and leaving it on the
scrape for them to eat however they could. not sure what that means.

the chicks still appear to be three females and a male. they tend to
aggregate as one group of three with the remaining (smallest) chick keeping
to it(him)self. the small bird is pretty much cleaned up and looking
good. the other three still have lots of downy stuff hanging off
themselves. lots of flapping and and jumping from the threesome. the
other bird spends a lot of time looking cool. when standing next to a
parent, the difference in color between juveniles and adults is stark.

the combination of mom still feeding and lots of fuzz seems to suggest
first flight may be a way off yet, and the 'clean' bird doesn't appear to
be practicing to fly either. that said, it still seems likely fledgeing
could occur by the end of this weekend.

guess we'll see.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


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