[Tweeters] LAZULI BUNTINGS - Clark County's Old Evergreen Airport! (Susan O'Hara)

Susan R O'Hara susan at winesnw.com
Tue Jun 4 15:24:55 PDT 2013

A first-time sighting of LAZULI BUNTINGS at the old Evergreen Airport
has been made by several people now, including me!! I think I was the
last one to finally spot them. I could hear them singing but it took me
several attempts to finally spot them... and what a sighting it was. A
male flew from the wild-rose thicket to the west of the blocked-off road
next the the brick medical equipment manufacturers building and lit on
some tall grasses that had gone to seed. Raising my binoculars to watch
him more closely, I soon realized with him and just behind him was his
apparent mate, also eating grass seeds. Neither noticed me, and within
a minute or so, the male hopped down to the cement sidewalk and began a
short display for his lady friend above.

Wow! I've been bringing my dog to play with other dogs to the open
fields of this old airport for a number of years now, and this is the
first time I've see Lazuli buntings; now, after a couple of weeks of
their hanging out here, it seems likely they have decided it's a good
place to nest... at least until a planned development gets underway.
The wild-rose, blackberries and lupine thicket is where at least four
individuals have been spotted. My guess, from the frequent singing, is
that there are more; but four is what I am able to confirm. What a
gorgeous bird!

Susan O'Hara
Vancouver, WA

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