[Tweeters] Did this Wilson's Warbler Smell Orange?

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Jun 2 10:08:17 PDT 2013

Yesterday afternoon we were spraying an
eco-friendly moss killer on our yard that has
orange citrus oil as an active ingredient. When
we sprayed a part of the yard closest to some
hillside brush/trees a male Wilson's Warbler
immediately flew out and landed on the grass we
had just sprayed. He stayed out in the open and
seemed to be attracted by the spray. When we
sprayed another nearby area he moved to that spot
as well...again in the open and on the ground. Is
this bird smelling the orange/citrus? Why would
he be attracted to it?

We have seen the male before but only in the trees
and not for two weeks.

Blair Bernson

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