[Tweeters] more Battle Ground yard birding - warblers, finches, Red-eyed Vireo, Whimbrel

Jim Danzenbaker jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 18:16:09 PDT 2013


Yesterday (May 31), I enjoyed a fair amount of migrant (?) bird activity
from my Battle Ground, Clark County backyard:

Western Tanager 2
Western Wood Pewee 1 (maybe a local breeder)
Willow Flycatcher 1 (maybe a local breeder)
MacGillivray's Warbler 1 (third one this year - sang constantly)
Orange-crowned Warbler 1
Wilson's Warbler 1
Warbling Vireo 1
Common Yellowthroat 1 (maybe a local breeder)
Yellow Warbler 3
Black-throated Gray Warbler 1

8 species of finches including Evening and Black-headed Grosbeak, Red
Crossbill and Lesser Goldfinch. A single Green Heron flew over and there
was a distant White-breasted Nuthatch calling.

This morning, hardly any migrant activity although a single RED-EYED VIREO
sang for about 5 minutes. Also, I was shocked to hear a flyover WHIMBREL
call at least twice in the span of 25 minutes or so (circling bird that may
have landed and then departed from a nearby field?). Last year, I had a
flyover Whimbrel on May 19 so I don't know if this is a trend to be
noted since it makes no sense to me at all - Battle Ground is inland!

Please note that at least 50% of my migrant bird records are "heard
only"s. My yard is quite small and vegetation is really building up
which blocks off visibility to alot of these singing birds.

Keep your eyes and ears skyward

Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
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