[Tweeters] Redheads, YH Blackbird, Crossbill @ Fill

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Sat Jun 1 13:20:09 PDT 2013

This morning (Saturday) at the Montlake Fill, between 7:30 and 10am:

2 REDHEADs (male and female) on Union Bay (seen from East Point; then they flew west and landed near Canoe Island)

YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD (male) (flew over the southwest pond, heading north)

One RED CROSSBILL on Douglas Road (literally on the road, feeding) (mostly yellow, with patches of red; female?)

Partial albinism: the head, face and back of a WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW (at the Kiosk)

Joe Sweeney
NE Seattle
sweeneyfit at mac dot com

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