[Tweeters] Annas - Question for Banders.

David Hutchinson flora.fauna at live.com
Wed Jul 31 13:37:39 PDT 2013

Yesterday I was weeding at the Capehart Site in the centre of Discovery Park. Therein is a long hedge made up mostly of Rosa Rugosa with a few Ocean Spray mixed in. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an Annas starting to fly up. It only flew up bout 20 ft, then dived, making a soft, muffled "quwerp". When I eventually found my binoculars, I saw it appeared to be in female plumage - no pink sequins on head, nape or throat. Bright, clear white feathers on throat and breast, did not notice rectrices. But on the same bush there was a second Annas, in similar plumage, but with white tips to the rectrices. As adult Annas (males at least) seem to be moulting their tail feathers about this time, can I assume that these birds were both hatching year males? If I had a copy of Howell around maybe I could answer this question!

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