[Tweeters] Rufus Hummingbird abundance

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 17:40:26 PDT 2013

There was a question about the abundance of Rufus Hummingbirds. I haven't
seen any in Seattle for years. Annas have become more ubiquitous. While I
don't know how they may be doing it, I strongly suspect that Annas are
displacing Rufous when they move in to an area. If someone has an idea of
how they may be displacing the Rufous Hummers, I'd be interested in hearing
it. I question whether the Anna's use up most of the nectar, or most of
the small bugs in flowers. I still mostly see Rufous in areas that are
wilder and further from civilization.

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