[Tweeters] Himalayan Snowcock in Nevada and Hooded Warbler in Washington (George Gerdts)

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Tue Jul 30 17:36:51 PDT 2013


Mary Anne Rossing and I drove to Elko, Nevada, where we met Gene Hunn, arriving from Petaluma, CA. We sorted our gear and headed for the Ruby Mts, climbing to about 9500 feet at Lake Lamoille. We saw 10 Himalayan Snowcocks with adults feeding young. For complete details inquire off-line to me at geopandion at gmail.com or call 206-842-8138. It was a great trip with lots of other good birds in the area.

On the return, we stopped at the upper Cape Horn Trail to try for the Hooded Warbler. We found the bird singing spontaneously at about 08:30, one switchback down from the 5 wooden steps. We were very fortunate to have the warbler fly into a sparsely leafed-out Red Alder where we got short, but excellent views of the little yellow gem while it was singing. It sang for minutes at a time then would resort to its distinctive chipping. At one point, it switched to a variation of the "Tawee Tawee Tawee-teeoo" described in Sibley as "Tew Tew Tew Teew Teo Twee Tweee Teew". Great bird. Thanks to all who have posted about seeing it and giving fine directions, too. It's amazing that it is still singing. The Cape Horn Trail is a delight with wonderful wildflowers, many still in bloom, and near-perfect habitat for a denizen of the mixed deciduous forest of the southeast!

George Gerdts
geopandion at gmail.com
Bainbridge Island, WA

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