[Tweeters] Jetty Island Golden Plovers vs. Black Bellied CAUTION

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Jul 30 12:45:46 PDT 2013

I earlier reported that the two Pacific Golden
Plovers from yesterday at Jetty Island were found
again this morning. A cautionary note however.
There were also three Black Bellied Plovers (and
MANY Semipalmated Plovers and Killdeer as well) in
the lagoon. When I left around 11:45 the Black
Bellies were still in the middle of the lagoon,
but I could not see the Golden Plovers. They had
earlier flown to the far side of the lagoon so I
may have just missed them, but I could not find
them on the way out.

Blair Bernson

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