[Tweeters] B.C. Barred Owl removal

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Mon Jul 29 11:25:57 PDT 2013

Hope Anderson asked about Barred Owl removal in B.C. I found a story in the
Canadian paper the Globe and Mail:


According to this story, the removal in B.C. has been on a smaller scale
than that proposed by USF&W, but the results have been positive:

'The U.S. experiment is adopting an approach that’s already in use on a
small scale by B.C. biologists. Since 2007, when there were only an
estimated 20 spotted owls left in the province, the B.C. Forestry Ministry
began removing barred owls from known spotted owl nesting sites. Ian
Blackburn, the program’s co-ordinator, said 94 barred owls have since been
relocated and another 39 were killed. So far, it seems to have had an

“Preliminary results suggest that up to 16 new spotted owls (9 adult and 7
young) were discovered at sites that barred owls were removed from,” Mr.
Blackburn said in an e-mailed statement. He said there is also a captive
breeding program at a conservation facility in Langley.'

Randy Robinson

Seattle, WA
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