[Tweeters] Grays Harbor and vicinity; Bar-tailed Godwit, Tufted Puffin

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Mon Jul 29 10:23:41 PDT 2013

Intrigued by reports of the beginning of shorebird migration, Evan Houston
and I spent a long Friday (July 26) birding several hotspots on the coast
around Grays Harbor. Unfortunately, we did not do the best job timing the
tides and were mostly shut out for shorebirds at the Game Range and Bottle
Beach. Nevertheless, other stops made up for this and, with a final stop at
Nisqually NWR on the way home, we managed 99 species for the day.
Some interesting sightings from the trip:Brant - 2 on beach at Pt Brown
JettyGreater Scaup - 1 at Tokeland marinaPacific Loon - 1 fly-by at Pt
Brown JettySooty Shearwater - thousands in a fairly concentrated feeding
flock, at Pt Brown JettyBlack-bellied Plover - small flock of a few dozen
at Bottle Beach that left almost as soon as we arrivedSemipalmated Plover -
couple hundred at beach by Pt Brown JettyGreater and Lesser Yellowlegs -
several along dike trail at NisquallyWillet - 4 at TokelandWhimbrel -
couple dozen at Coast Guard station in Westport, 4 at TokelandBAR-TAILED
GODWIT - 1 at Coast Guard station in Westport
(http://tinyurl.com/q3d4mem)Marbled Godwit - well over a hundred at the
Coast Guard stationRuddy Turnstone - 3 at Pt Brown JettyShort-billed
Dowitcher - few dozen, at Midway Beach and Westport Coast Guard
stationLong-billed Dowitcher - several, at Midway Beach and
NisquallyWilson's Snipe - several in open at Nisqually dike trailCaspian
Tern - hundreds at Tokeland (Graveyard Spit)Common Murre - dozens at Pt
Brown JettyTUFTED PUFFIN - 4 at Pt Brown Jetty, 1 at Midway BeachSwallow
species - all 7 at Nisqually, just before duskWestern Tanager - a distant
priddick call series, at Nisqually
Scott RamosSeattle

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