[Tweeters] Re: RFI Eagle nesting timing

Martin Muller martinmuller at msn.com
Fri Jul 26 21:27:54 PDT 2013


Based on many years of watching eagles around Seattle I would say your observation of intense nest building activity now is unusual.

Typically after young have been on the wing for about a month, the youngsters strike out on their own and the adults "disappear" from their nesting territory for a few months (August - October). Some nest building in October - December is normal, but it really ramps up in January/February.

I've never heard of a young pair being this out of sync with everyone else (eagles that is). Young pairs typically are a few weeks later than older/more experienced/established pairs. But five or six months?

I'm curious to hear how long they keep this up.

Martin Muller
martinmuller at msn.com
Seattle, WA

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