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Especially since one of the preferred methods is shooting a flying owl(presumably territorial Barred--not fleeing Spotted) during night-time.

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> one can hope a spotty won't accidentally be shot or otherwise killed during such a cull...  oh, the irony...


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> We can't have it all - unlimited human population, unlimited human consumption of habitat and

> proliferation of the entire diversity of wildlife.  We can only try to temper our insatiable need

> to have and control every aspect of and every speck of life and resources on this planet, and do

> this through continued experimentation, analysis of the results and willingness to change our

> thoughts and plans in accordance.


> I'm inclined to think that we need to buy a little time with some strategic reduction of some

> Barred Owls, not only to see how the Spotted Owl fares, but also to see if it makes a difference

> in population numbers of other birds and animals that the Barred Owl also affects, (example:

> Western Screech Owl that it preys on).


> I appreciate all those who have and still will participate in this discussion - it's nice to get

> some new material to help me formulate my latest thoughts on this subject (which actually

> comprises a multitude of issues).


> Once again, the Tweeters forum stimulates some brain cells...:-)



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