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Thu Jul 25 01:56:20 PDT 2013

Glad to hear you found a Western Screech Owl, Blair.

Must have been very warm on the trail yesterday.

I am very interested in this "baking call". Please send an audio file.

"BREAD", "PIE!!" or " HOT COOKIES-- just out of the oven!!!"
Growing up fresh baking always brought me in. Still does.

Had not occurred to me to try this for owls.

Dan Reiff

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Thank you to everyone who shared info on these birds. Mike Clarke and I had a pair of GTTO on Biscuit Ridge around 7 tonight. They were about a mile further in past the Opperman spot. At 10 we had a WESO respond to baking call at Lewis and Clark Trail SP. Great vocals and quick but excellent visuals. Long but super day.

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