[Tweeters] Request assistance in IDing a Gull in a painting

Jud Scovill judscovill at comcast.net
Wed Jul 24 18:48:56 PDT 2013

Good evening Tweets,

A friend has purchased a painting of a gull and requested my assistance in IDing the gull. I can't find it or anything close in the Peterson Reference Guide "Gulls of the Americas" by Howell and Dunn. The gull in the painting has a black head (whole head-not hooded) with a bright red/orange bill and orbital ring, a grey mantle a little lighter than a Glaucous-winged X Western with a shade of brown mixed in, white-tipped tertials, bright red/orange legs, black wingtips and what appears to be a white tail. No way to judge size.

Realizing that this may be just an artistic creation, anybody have any ideas what this might be?

Thanks in advance,

Jud Scovill
Green Lake neighborhood of North Seattle

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