[Tweeters] Cooper time

jbroadus at seanet.com jbroadus at seanet.com
Wed Jul 24 11:43:40 PDT 2013

Adding to the "doofus" looking Cooper's hawk sightings for this time of year; yesterday early
morning while Clarice and I were walking by the tennis courts at Clark's Creek Park in
Puyallup we spotted three junenile Coopers' that appeared to be trying to figure out how to
decipher the 8 foot high chain link fence around the courts. They were diving down and
almost hitting the chain link, then landing on the ground, then picking up to fly straight over
the top and then land on the opposite side, in each case on the ground right next to the
fence. Acted like they were perplexed by this barrier that they could see through. Often all
three perched together on top of the fence or on the ground. Not wanting to take analogies
too far, but a couple of times one would stroll over to a couple of crows that were partaking of
some garbage on the ground, and which seemed to ignore the hawks. Party eventually
broken up by small dogs that the owners didn't think needed to be on leashes ("they don't
chase birds.")

Jerry Broadus

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