[Tweeters] In Praise of Our Local Merlins and Merlin 'Hosts' - 7/21/13

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Sun Jul 21 15:33:59 PDT 2013

This last (?) group of Merlins to fledge around here (they are in Mountlake Terrace), may still have a few days of sticking around their nest 'hood. No nearby deadtops, so the young are opting for the tallest conifer trees they can find (and there are lots), from which to watch for parents with prey and to survey all the new curiosities around them. Most still have a 'mohawk' or other designs- in-down on their heads.

The MLT police and fire depts are nearby in case there is any kind of problem with the Mer-young (eg. they make too much racket or are 'playing with fire'). I guess the neighbors probably have the latter covered with their sprinklers. :-) One human resident of this nesting area got some pictures of a Merlin playing in her sprinkler (taking a shower?)

Anyhoo, here are my first photos of this group, from last night:


Thanks for your patience with my Merlin mania and for contributing to it ! It's been a pretty wild year, this, with 6 Merlin nest sites in the general Seattle area, and these are only the ones I heard of and could visit occasionally - I suspect there are more in other areas in the Puget Sound region, such as Capitol Hill, Kent, West Seattle, Bainbridge Is., Federal Way, and many places on the east side of Lk. Washington. The Pacific (Black)Merlins have found a good niche for themselves with the help of us humans (keeping our tall conifers, feeding the small birds, providing water features and gravel and allowing the crows to nest in our neighborhoods, providing new/used nests for the Merlins to occupy next year.

They have been a fun and educational addition to some of our treed neighborhoods - and they make for a healthier habitat.

Let's have a "Kee kee kee" for the success of the wonderful Merlins! They couldn't have done it without us? :-) And a big "THANKS" to all of you whose interest, knowledge, enthusiasm, scopes( of the spotting variety) and cameras, have combined to make this, as they say, "one of the best Merlin Years ever".

Over and out... (for now, anyway :-))


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