[Tweeters] Clallam County Kingbird

Michael Charest mcharest at wamail.net
Sat Jul 20 20:09:56 PDT 2013

My son and I saw a Kingbird at about 6:30 this evening on an island type area of the Quileute River just behind Mora Campground. We are camping and we waded across a section of the river and hiked up stream about a half mile and saw a kingbird on a snag. I ran back to our campsite to get my camera and when I returned to the snag the bird was gone. Not sure if it was a Western or a Tropical. The tide came up on us and we had to wade through chest deep water to get back but it was fun. I am going to try to relocate the bird in the morning.

Have a great day,
Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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