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>From what I have read, the Wisconsin/Florida migratory experimental population might be found in that area.  Having seen both species at various ranges, dealt with swans vs. Snow Goose, there should be no mistaking one for another.  With reasonable shooting range being inside of 40 yards there should be no reason for confusion.  Unfortunately, there will be some risk.


In preparing comments, consider the following.  A huntable or fishable population of any animal resource requires a larger population and significantly more habitat than does a population existing simply for appreciative use. That habitat will support a wide variety of species of plants and animals that are not consumed by humans.

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would someone know if the almost very-rare whooping crane population travels the same flyways with the sandhills ?  if so, are the whoopers different enough in size or coloration they wouldn't become someone's lead dinner?

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It should be noted that the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona already have Sandhill Crane hunting seasons on the Rocky Mountain population.
Most of the mid-Western states have seasons on the Mid-continent population.
Not saying I'm in favor of hunting Sandhill Cranes, just noting that this is not a new or unique idea.
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