[Tweeters] re: Adventurers wanted!

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Mon Jul 15 19:27:45 PDT 2013

Tim (and other Tweeters),Wanted to clarify the text made below in a recent post:"Your best bet via a day-hike trail may be the tarn-spotted alpine basin
between Alta Mountain and Lila Lake. That area can be accessed via the
Rachel Lake/Rampart Ridge trail, and then taking the informal trail N when
you hit Rampart Ridge. I've seen ptarmigan in that basin, although it has
been a few years. If you go there, be prepared for a workout. The crowds
thin out after Rachel Lake."This area does have ptarmigan. I had an adult here last fall during my Kittitas County Big Year near the summit to Alta Mt. HOWEVER, the area is fully within Kittitas County, not King County.Scott Downesdowness at charter.netYakima WA

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