[Tweeters] Osprey nest near Thrasher's Corner Bothell

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Hi, Kristi and Tweets

Your post was great! That ospey nest has been on the round thing for three years. Just before that they nested on the tower and fledged four young. Evidently the power company didn't care for them there so they put a lot of spiky thing all around - so the osprey went to their present place. If it's the same pair each year they have been quite successful. I kind of doubt this year's young is/are ready to fledge.
Nice photo but it looks adult.

Cheers, Diann

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I noticed a nest at a electrical sub station some time ago near Thrasher's Corner in Bothell. Today I finally got down there with my camera. Come to find out it's an Osprey nest, wasn't expecting that at all. Not very close to any large body of water for fishing that I'm aware of. I think this is a juvenile about ready to fledge. It was the only one I saw while I was watching and it spent quite a lot of time caling!


This is my first post, hope I did it right!


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