[Tweeters] Adventurers wanted!

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 15 10:50:49 PDT 2013

Hey Tweets!

I know that there are good places to go in the state for
high country birds like White-tailed Ptarmigan and Spruce Grouse, but in the
spirit of always-trying-to-find-a-harder-way, I’d really like to do some
exploring for these birds in King County.

Just a few problems:

There are
only two extremely sketchy county records for Spruce Grouse in the county, and
Ptarmigan are up there… but there haven’t been any reports of birders finding
them in the last couple years that I know of.

I’ve never been up hiking in the Alpine Lakes
area and would probably get lost before getting eaten by a bear while falling
off of a cliff – that is at least my wife’s best guess.

Having never seen either of these target birds,
I can’t exactly say useful things like “That looks like good Spruce Grouse
habitat – let’s go over there!”. I’m
not sure I could pick a spruce tree out of a line-up for that matter.

I’m sure I’m missing something else….

So I’m hoping to make my way into the Alpine Lakes area –
maybe even up towards the Pacific Crest, but still in King County - on the
weekend of August 16-18, and am looking for maybe three other adventurous folks
to explore this underbirded area with me.
All positions are currently open – bonus if you know where you’re going up there, and
have some camping/hiking/backpacking (?) savvy, if you have some knowledge of
habitat in general, and/or can pick out things like… spruce… or… grouseberry (apparently
this is a plant that grouse like… imagine that!). Oh! If
you are good with “Where’s Waldo?” books, it may also help – I may have walked
right by Ptarmigan and their advanced cloaking systems many times for all I
know – my eyes are awful for things like that.

Sense of humor necessary, and please don’t tell me about
nice places to see these birds in other counties – I know they’re out there,
but I feel like poking around in “the backyard”. Failure is an option! :D

I am working to figure out a trip plan as well, so if
anyone has some experience hiking that area this time of year and possibly
birding it, I would love to hear from you as well. Also it seems very difficult to find a “range
map” for things like spruce trees… so any leads there would be great.

-Tim Brennan


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