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I just received this message and am forwarding it uncritically. Any birders who want to check this? I will ask Bernard if he can share the recording.

Dennis Paulson

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> Dennis -

> I am a HUGE fan of your western dragonflies book. Jim Stuart clued me in

> to your book, and I have started posting my photos on Odonata Central.

> This is a great addition to the birding that I have been doing (for

> decades).


> I wonder if you could do me a favor. I visited your part of the country

> last week with my wife and daughter for the first time. We loved it. At

> Olympic Natl Park, we found a rare bird at the Altair Campground. I

> believe it to be a Mourning Warbler. I have obtained a recording of the

> song, which was given persistently for an hour as the bird foraged high

> (40 to 80 feet) in deciduous trees. I posted the sighting on eBird, but I

> think it is being filtered out by the editor. This is a problem that I

> know only too well: people visit my area (Santa Fe, NM) often and post

> ridiculous mis-identifications on eBird. So I understand some skepticism.

> But I got pretty good looks -- not close, but enough to convince me. My

> recording is decent. Could you notify some local birders there? This

> bird was singing very persistently, leading me to believe that it may stay

> at the location for some time. I think it is eminently find-able by

> others. My wife and I viewed it on Monday, July 8.


> Even if I turn out to be wrong, for now this bird is worth tracking down

> to find and listen to.


> Bernard Foy

> Santa Fe, NM

> bdfoy at newmexico.com

> 505-820-1658




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