[Tweeters] Purple Martins at Lake Scanewa (Lewis County) photos

Kimberly Mason kim at almostdailynews.com
Sun Jul 14 11:32:39 PDT 2013

My granddaughter and I ventured out to Lake Scanewa again yesterday to
see the Purple Martins. This time I had a new dry bag and my big camera
along for the trip. You'll find a few photos of the birds I have posted
on my blog at: http://www.almostdailynews.com/blogs/dailybird/

To get to the Purple Martins you must have a boat. I am an Outdoors
writer, so I have lots of contacts in the fishing world. If there is a
group that would like to get together to come see the birds then I might
be able to find a fisherman or fishing guide that would be willing to
run you out to see them for the cost of his time and fuel. A map of the
area is included in the post.

I also have a two-person inflatable kayak that I'd be willing to let
someone borrow or I could go with you and paddle out there. Lake Scanewa
is a 45-minute drive from my home and I am available most days of the week.

While you are visiting my blog I'd appreciate it if you could look at
the photos of what I THINK may be a Spotted Sandpiper. I have very
little experience in shore birds.

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