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That said there are nesting records for Hooded Warbler from Marin (if I remember correctly), Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz Co in California. Don't ask me to explain how & why they find each other down there. :-)
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> July 7, we made a quick stop on our trip back to Yakima from a long weekend

> in Victoria and walked the lower Cape Horn Trail and heard the heard thw

> HOODED WARBLER singing at 6 pm.




> I surveyed the forest structure this vagrant has chosen for his quite

> out-of-range territory: a tall forest (conifer here) with a well-developed

> understory component of tall shrubs (elderberry) and small-to-medium height

> trees (mostly vine maple but some hazelnut). The warbler sang, while we were

> there, from the tops of the understory component. From Dunn and Garrett's

> Peterson Field Guide to Warblers (1997. Houghton Mifflin), the species

> account states: "Breeds in both upland and bottomland woodlands, the key

> habitat features being the presence of a well-developed shrubby understory

> beneath extensive mature, shaded forests. Such habitats especially occur

> along streambottoms and ravines..." It appears the Cape Horn Hooded Warbler

> is spot on on its choice of microhabitat. Unfortunately, the nearest

> potential mate may be a couple thousand miles away in easternmost Nebraska,

> according to the map in the warbler guide.


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