[Tweeters] Western Scrub Jays in Bellingham

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For Ann Marie and anyone else who might be interested:
The nest tree is still the large cedar in an alley between Grant and Humboldt Streets, in the 2600 block. It's the second block north of Alabama St.
I rode my bike through the alley this morning and met Graham Hutchinson who followed my directions and was there with me when the first one showed itself. Eventually, we saw all four....two adults and two juveniles.
They do range up and down the alley and into backyards on both sides of the alley.

*This is part of my CBC territory and we found them on Count Day.
**And it was good to add Graham to my life list!

Joe Meche

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Hi Joe:

I agree with you! They are special and I'll love to see the Scrub Jays in Bellingham. Can you provide specifics on the location?

Thanks & Good Birding,
Ann Marie Wood
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The Western Scrub Jays are still nesting in Bellingham, in the same location as in the past 3-4 years. Yesterday, I observed two adults and two juveniles. They tend to be very wary and, even though I think they're pretty special, no one around here seems to think it's a big deal.
Birders....go figure!

Joe Meche

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